Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am sitting in my room. The sun is out. I am out. I am listening to Wolf Parade. I am trying not be a lone wolf. 
Part of the recipe is getting out of here.
For taste, I am respecting my emotions more over those who don't give a flying, aerodynamic fuck about me. In 4 days I will be on a plane, giving a flying, aerodynamic fuck about me.
 This has been the most long drawn out wait of my entire life. You
 would think I am pregnant. The past days have been better but have really helped expose a new side of people. Some good, some bad. 
At the moment, I am erasing every residue of annoyance that is crusting over in my brain from certain people and calling it a day. I am going to start making changes to clean my mind up. 
See you later Bellingham. 

For my East-Coast darlings, I will see you soon. So soon

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