Monday, March 2, 2009

The Stranger

Boy, what a shitty weekend!
Euwww grossss human emotions suck! Sometimes I
 wish I was a heartless robot, really-really.

Last night I went to Fonte Fest in Anacortes. It was at
 the Department of Safety. I don't think I have ever felt so safe in my life. Well, I met this guy Kenneth from the Tri-Cities. I took his portrait and we talked about post-depression experiences, love life, travel, black eyes, hating and loving Bellingham, etc.
I forget the name of this band but I remember their music being really good and how that still didn't help my shitty state of mind.  It was like the kind of music that has that undertone that just claws at your heart and it's so good but it would show up as the background music for the most ironically depressing part of a movie.
Augustine's "band", Post Post Fuck Fuck, played last. They were a group of Bellingham rrriot girrrrls yelling about having your girlfriend's check your cervix and sexual assault in the community.
 At one point we all held hands and screamed and banged on shit. It was very therapeutic, to say the least.

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