Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lone Wolf

errrg. errrg. errrg.
With only ten days until I will be tugging at the sleeves of the New York skyline and saturating the walkways of the Brooklyn Bridge with pure felicity you would think I would be doing better.
This is stupid. Everyday is a bi-polar struggle.
 I miss him. I got this. I feel useless. I am strong. I just want to be friends. I miss my family. I just want to be with them. 
Watching my roommate and her boyfriend turn our room into a 3 person room and hearing the sounds of kissing echo through my room every night for the past 2 weeks is not that fun.
  Because of all of this I find myself reaching out to strangers a lot more. Took a picture of this girl I don't know. I think she's beautiful.
Woe is me in thermal-camera mode. Pretty ridiculous? Check.

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