Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recovery pt. II

Spring Quarter.
Smoking Fiend.
Drinking Deemed.
Reminiscing Remote Control.
Spoken Word Sleuth.
Good friends.

All of a sudden, I think I got what I needed.
Please, please, please don't let this leave me.

On a side note, fuck the sound of my roommate and her boyfriend kissing like retarded lovers. FUCK.


  1. hi carmen i love you
    and sasquatch is coming up... in a month and a 1/2

    i'm happy you are in a better state of mind and i cant wait to see you and verbally rape sally (or physically)

    true love ways - buddy holly
    i want you to listen to it because i'm listening to it right now and i feel like you would like it too

  2. you are so lovely, you know that?
    i miss you so much doris. i can't wait for sasquatch. its about to be the best 3 days of our lives.
    i also am glad to be in a better state of mind...i just cant wait to reach nirvana with you and your bomb ass asian physical features mmmmchikayeahhhh hahaha oh and sally too

    d0000d!! what if sally crowdsurfed? i would totally grab her ass...

    and to top this comment off: i listened to the buddy holly song. i loved it. thank you. you should listen to "what these bitches want" by dmx because im listening to it right now and i feel like you would like it too. woof woof~!*