Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh Packaging

I am sitting in the lounge of my dorm, it's 12:11 a.m. and I am listening to Portishead. The mental hospital lighting is always a nice touch, you know?

Well, even with all the snow classes were still in session today. But, that's okay because I love the snow. Especially at night. Have you ever turned off the lights in your room and opened the blinds on a snowy night and let the orange glow leak through? It's all I ever look forward to lately. 

All of today was dedicated to me just coasting. This whole week has been that way. Just being in a sort of purgative state of mind...a funk if you will. And what I really want is something, anything,someone,anyone to snap me back into creative enthusiasm.
 So, in my attempts to combat creative cock blocking, I am submitting 8 photos to Western's literary magazine, Jeopardy. Oh! Nic Brodine got a black eye from some lighter throwing incident? Whatever happened, it's equated to yet another fun portrait for my "Black Eye Portrait" series. So far I have Patty (!), Emma and now Nic. So that helps.
Or purrrhaps tomorrow night's participation in the poetry slam with Anthony (!) will rev things up? The Underground Coffeehouse, 8 p.m., free, be there and get your brain sockets filled with verbal juice. Mmmm, doesn't that sound good?
Aww, check it out. The Dictator's first promo shot. Hah.

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